Web Promotion SEO

Achieve high rankings and increase your traffic!

If you've used the Internet at all, you should be very familiar with what Internet Search Engines do. You've also noticed that it's sometimes hard to find what you're looking for, even with a fairly specific search. Your potential visitors will have the same trouble, unless you do a little work to make sure you're listed well for the keywords that are important to your Web site.

Web Promotion SEO

Just in case you're unfamiliar with how the engines work, here's a brief explanation: Most engines "spider" the Web looking for new pages to add to their database or index. Once your pages are added to the index, people can do a search on the Internet for various keywords to find pages that "best" match their search criteria. Appearing within the first few pages of the search is critical to people finding you. These matches will be ranked or positioned in order of importance.

We know each search engine's unique personality and how to build top ranking pages for each, without "spamming" or abusing the index. We create well-written pages that properly emphasize the keywords and topics that apply to their site. This methodology ensures targeted traffic to the business and improves the search experience for the end-user.

Web Promotion SEO

We just follow some steps to successfully promote your site to the search engines:

  • Check how high your pages rank for each keyword you are targeting in order to have a baseline to work from while improving your rankings.
  • Optimize the key elements that make up a top ranking page such as the title tag, meta tags, choosing keywords, and so forth.
  • Submit your pages to the search engines and directories, taking in mind the set of rules and submission limits of each search engine . After submitting, it will take anywhere from one to eight weeks for your submission to be integrated with their database, and for your ranking to change. The amount of time varies for each search engine. A submission report will be provided in order to give you the estimated times for each engine so you know what to expect.
  • Check your positions in search engines at least once a week and provide you with a report with the results.
  • Finally, we submit your site in a great number of links that are available on the web.
Web Promotion SEO

In addition to that we create a number of doorway pages for the main search engines. Doorway pages are, in essence, any page that is optimized to rank well on a search engine. Since each search engine ranks pages differently, it's virtually impossible for a single page to rank well on all engines. The solution is to create a page designed for each basic engine and submit it accordingly to the engine that it was created for. In result, people will find you easier via this page.

If your target audience cannot find you on the Web, why build a Web site in the first place?